Play these Hyper-Casual Gaming and Give Yourself an Adrenal Rush

In the present gaming scenario, hyper-casual games have evolved as a genre that has captivated users worldwide. The online platforms bring hyper-casual games for their users to create an easy and fast bond between the platform and the users. These games are designed to have minimal time commitment and are easy to learn yet challenging enough to keep people engaged for hours. Besides that, their catchy animation, fast-beat music tracks, and engaging content create a relaxing impact. 

If you are wondering why casual games are a tool for effective marketing, the current user base of this game genre can be a hint to the answer. The simple nature, rules, and user-friendly hyper-casual games lure everyone. Therefore, they can be a suitable way of influential marketing both in terms of user engagement and market trends. Casual games also have scope for innovation. Hence, you can incorporate some game elements to arrest the player’s attention. Here is a list of seven immensely well-known, hyper-casual gaming that will give you an adrenal rush:

Flappy Birds : Flappy Birds games have become a sensation in recent years and are recognized as one of the most addictive hyper-casual games. The players need to dodge the collision between the bird and the pipes. The level of difficulty increases gradually. Therefore, despite its simple rules, mastering it may take some time. The player chases the high score, which makes it very engaging. This game thrives on the principle of social competition, which creates a sense of challenge and motivation that attracts both games and non-gamers.

Fruit Ninja : Fruit Ninja is an intuitive game blended with balanced competitiveness. If you have quick reflexes and a liking for fast-paced games, then Fruit Ninja will suit your taste. The visually appealing graphics, simple nature, satisfaction of slicing through the fruits, and smooth mechanism allow the players to enjoy the games. The leaderboard feature of this game makes it addictive for the users as they try to get a better score every time. Due to its immense popularity, the cash gaming apps have added Fruit Ninja to their platforms, which exemplifies the success of this hyper-casual game. 

Temple Run/ Subway Surfers : Although the graphical content, theme, and music of these two games are different, they run on a similar mechanism. The players need to control the movements of the in-game characters with their phones movement. The characters are on an endless run. They aim to avoid obstacles, collect objects and fulfill the game’s objectives. The game progresses and is challenging with a new range of hurdles, which makes it exciting for the players. Like most other hyper-casual games, it also has a scoring system that promotes social competitiveness while motivating the players to spend more time on the game to make a place on the leaderboard.

Candy Crush : The puzzle-lovers can attest to how addictive the levels of candy crush games are. The players need to clear “candies” with a limited number of moves to clear a level. Try this game if you love challenging your strategizing skills and brain power. New objects and obstacles are introduced after a particular level, raising the difficulty level. Candy Crush is perfect for players who are on and off games and enjoy playing for a short period. Its soothing music, catchy graphics, and features like competing with friends have made it popular among casual gamers.

Ludo : For Indian players, Ludo game is not just a game but a nostalgia. It is a classic board game that requires two-four players. The objective of the players is to take the game pieces to Home. Though the simple rules of these games are engaging for players of all ages, to win ludo games, you need strategies which is its most intriguing part. Plus, it also promotes social bonding. Therefore, you can meet online communities with similar interests as yours. If you are looking for a game you can master quickly and will help you destress, you must try playing Ludo.

Angry Birds : Though for this game, your basic physics knowledge may come in handy, even without it, you can smoothly destroy the structures with the slingshot and defeat the enemy pigs. The game gets challenging after some levels, and you must consider the angles and trajectories before shooting. The game has introduced a set of characters that promotes an emotional attachment in the players. As a skill-based game, the rewarding experience of clearing levels makes the players get hooked.

Crossy Roads : You must try the Crossy Roads game if you are interested in exploring intuitive gameplay. It is easy to pick up the rules and controls of the game. But this game is hard to master. Your quick reflexes and strategic mindset can help you get better at it. The progressively difficult gameplay sessions, scoring system, and unlockable content are some of the perks players enjoy. Its tap and swipe controls make it easier for the players to control the character trying to cross the road while avoiding obstacles. 


The hyper-casual online games have their fandom, which is in no way lesser than interactive action games. Their simplicity and accessibility have made them an ever-evolving game genre. The range of audiences attracted to these games varies widely. 

Hyper-casual games are experiencing rapid popularity. These gaming platforms are adding simple yet exciting additions to attract more audiences who would love to relax while smashing their phone’s keypad.

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