How To Easily Farm Currency Through Jewel Crafting In POE 3.24 Necropolis League?

The Graveyard Crafting mechanic introduced in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League may attract many attentions to players, especially for newcomers. Today, we’ll delve into a specific aspect of crafting that can prove lucrative for those seeking to farm currency – jewel crafting.

Cluster Jewels Crafting

One of the best options for budget crafting would be cluster jewels that are highly in demand, like Medium Cluster Jewels, with flash duration, critical chance, projectile damage, and increased area damage. Thanks to some useful Harvest farming strategies, the materials for crafting are getting cheaper.

By using Harvest, we can always force a specific modifier into the cluster jewels. We’re going to keep crafting until we get 2 notables on a 4 to 5 minimum passive one, check their prices, and sell to make POE Currency.

We can choose Medium Cluster Jewels and opt for flash effect duration first. We can force modifiers using the Harvest mechanic. If we get it with 1 notable like Peak Vigour, Liquid Inspiration, and Brewed for Potency, you can sell it for a reasonable amount of chaos or divines.

Moving on to other clusters, you should always aim for the level requirement of POE Items. We need to force the attack modifier and get the Repeater on the projectile cluster. These projectile clusters sell out quickly for builds like Splitting Steel, Trickster, or the Champions.

Another good cluster would be the critical chance one. You can get this with Reforge Attack. Do not do the critical one because every time you do the attack one, you will get the Quick Gateway, which is the only valuable mod in the current POE 3.24 Necropolis League. You can deal double damage with your critical strikes.

Using the Harvest crafting method, you can consistently secure these bases by employing the Reforge attack method, followed by the Corruption. There’s potential to strike it big with valuable combinations. Encouraged by this success, you can continue crafting and bulk buying bases, venturing into crafting lucrative Adorned Jewels to further boost profits.

Adorned Jewels Crafting

For crafting Adorned Jewels, we have researched what kind of modifier should be an aim for. Then we may found 3 POE 3.24 builds that we could make a profit from them: Righteous Fire Chieftains, Splitting Steel Tricksters, and the famous Hexblast Miner. Now let’s talk about how to craft the Adorned Jewels.

Utilize Cobalt Jewels

So, let’s break down the process. We start by searching for Cobalt Jewels and filtering them based on desirable modifiers with the Perfection roles. Upon finding them, we notice they’re priced at 8 Divine Orbs, which is quite expensive.

Instead of pursuing this costly crafting method, you can scour the jewels and continuously re-roll them until we achieve the desired second modifier. For instance, if I’m aiming for a fire damage over time multiplier, we can pair it with a 7% increased maximum life modifier.

However, because of their high cost, we need to search specifically for Cobalt Jewels that are not fractured or corrupted, and set the count to 2, allowing for flexibility in modifiers.

After narrowing down the options, select jewels with at least 4 modifiers. If the jewel isn’t optimal, requiring additional crafting, I recommend using an Exalted Orb. When we finally obtain a jewel with desirable modifiers, the next step is fracturing it.

Split Rare Items

There is also another way to craft these kinds of jewels, and it is through splitting rare POE Items. So, we are going to search for the perfect modifiers for the specific jewel, and this time it’s going to be, for example, maximum life and fire damage over time multiplier at the same time.

It’s not going to be fractured, and it’s not going to be corrupted, so when search it, and the base type of the jewel is not important this time.You can choose to use the Crimson or Cobalt Jewels, which doesn’t matter.

If we split the item, for example, and if we get 3 suffixes at the same time, it’s going to be a rare item. But if we get 1 suffix and 1 prefix, it’s going to be a magic item. And if you hit the 7% with the fire damage over time multiplier, you can craft it further.

After getting your fractured base, you’re going to alteration spam your item until you get the desired modifiers. Now we can go to the Menagerie to use the Beastcrafting method and apply an Honorlock with the Craicic Chimeral and the Black Morrigan. This process is a little expensive, but it is worth it.

Then you can come and apply a synthesized implicit to it, which I highly recommend. After that, you can proceed to apply the Honorlock with the Beastcrafting. Now it is time to corrupt them. If they get an implicit, that’s great. If they remain unchanged, that’s also good. But if it shows that it’s going to break, you have to alt spam again or maybe save time and use divines, which is not really recommended.

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