How To Download A Video From Twitter On Any Device?

What about Twitter? It is a social media networking site that allows users to broadcast short posts such as videos, images and GIFs as tweets. Billions of people use Twitter to share their ideas. How to download tweets from the Twitter platform? Are you a Twitter user? If yes, you know that downloading tweets from Twitter is quite complicated. It requires more steps to download your favorite media files from its platform. Hence, we can use another method to download tweets than the usual way. What are those methods you can use? They are, 

  1. Download Twitter media files using third-party Twitter media file downloaders.
  2. Download Twitter videos using Chrome Extention
  3. Download Twitter videos using Telegram Bot

These methods help you to download your favorite Twitter media files easily and quickly. Within a few steps, you can reach your favorite videos, images, and GIFs. Now let’s see more details about these three methods. Here we go; 

Download Twitter media files using Twitter media downloaders.

Using a third-party Twitter media downloader is the easiest way to download your favorite media files from Twitter. They will allow you to download watermark-free videos, images, and GIFs. There are a lot of third-party Twitter video downloaders available in the online market. Now let’s see more details about a few of them. What are the most popular Twitter media content downloaders? 

  • SaveTweetVid
  • TWDown
  • sssTwitter
  • TWDownload
  • Twitter Downloader
  • Leavo Video Downloader
  • TWSaver, etc

Now let’s see more details about the above-mentioned Twitter media file downloaders.


It is the best online Twitter media downloader that comes with a simple interface. Hence, it is easy to use. Likewise, it works on all mobile phones and computers. The SaveTweetVid saves MP4, MP3, and GIF files easily. Also, SaveTweedVid is available for free.


It is an online Twitter video downloader and MP3 conversion. TWDown is the more powerful and fastest software to download your favorite Twitter videos. Likewise, it works on mobiles and computers effectively. Also, it has the ability to convert downloaded Twitter videos into MP3 files for your listening. The Twitter download holds a simple interface and is not complicated to use. 


The sssTwitter helps you to download Twitter media files via an extension. Likewise, it provided multiple ways to download the video via social media platforms. For that, firstly install its extension on your browser. Then type the “sss” before the “https” section of the URL and press enter. Also, you can choose the quality of the video you download by using it. 


The tool is also an online Twitter video downloader that helps to download and save Twitter media files easily. But it is slower than other similar Twitter media downloaders. However, TWDownload is effective in extension. The software is compatible with all smartphones and computers. 

Twitter Downloader

If you want to download a video, image, or GIF from Twitter, I recommend using the Twitter downloader. Because it is the best Twitter media content downloader in the online market. The software helps to download unlimited tweets easily and quickly. Likewise, the Twitter video downloader is available online and for free. Also, it is 100% safe and legal. It never asks for any personal information to use it. As well as the software works on any platform without any trouble. Therefore, I provide step guide to downloading media files by using it. 

Here is the step guide to downloading Twitter media files using the software.

  • Open the Twitter platform to download any image, video, or GIF you want to download.
  • Copy the URL from the “ share” option or copy the link from the address bar.
  • Paste the copied URL into the input field. You can use any web browser to download media content.
  • Click on the “Download” button, and select the video quality option from the given list.
  • Tap on the quality to start downloading.

Leavo Video Downloader

The Leavo Video Downloader supports you download 720P and 1080P high-resolution Twitter media files. As well as it provides 6x faster online video downloading. Likewise, it helps to download live-streaming videos from Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc. 


The TWSaver is a Twitter media downloader that helps to get UHD, HD, and SD quality videos. It supports all mobiles and computers. Likewise, the software is a free solution to download your favorite Twitter videos. As well as it comes with a simple interface and is easy to use.

Download Twitter videos using Chrome Extension. 

Here we provide a step guide to downloading Twitter videos using Chrome Extention. It will allow you to download unlimited Twitter media files easily. Here is the step guide. Get it. 

  • Navigate to the Chrome web store and search for a video downloader professional extension.
  • To install the extension on your Chrome browser select “Add to Chrome”.
  • Then open Twitter on your Chrome browser. Navigate to the video in your DM section which you want to download.
  • You can see a notification on the video downloader professional extension when you play the video.
  • Click on it. 
  • Then, the extension will provide an option to download the video in different file sizes.
  • Finally, hit on your desired file and size and the video will be automatically downloaded. 

Download Twitter videos using Telegram Bot.

If you use this method to download videos from Twitter, you can easily download them without using any software or downloading any app. The only thing you want is a Telegram account. There is a bot on Telegram called a Twitter video downloader. The bot lets you download all Twitter videos with ease. 

First, get the Twitter video downloader bot. After that, simply send the link to the tweet that contains the video. The bot automatically fetches the Twitter video. Then, you can save the video on your device.


The downloading of a media file from the Twitter platform is quite complicated. Therefore, we can use other methods to download Twitter videos easily and quickly. Here we have provided three methods to download your favorite Twitter media files within a few steps. All these methods are simple and easy to use. Now you can try it.

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