Everything You Should Know About Facebook Link Downloader

Facebook is a major social media platform with billions of users. Have you ever come across a video and wanted to download it but don’t know how to download a Facebook video? If so, we’ll help you figure it out. The ability to share videos is probably one of the biggest reasons people keep coming back to Facebook. It will be helpful if you know how to download videos with Facebook Link Downloader. However, the app doesn’t want you to be able to do that.

Facebook gives you the option to save videos within the app itself, which means you can save a collection of videos to the Facebook portal. However, if you want to share offline video content with your friends or family, this is not ideal and you will need other means. This article will show you how to download Facebook videos in different contexts.

Everything You Should Know About FDownloader

FDownloader is the best Facebook downloader to download videos and photos in high quality at high download speed. It is a completely free online Facebook Link Downloader tool for people around the world. The best thing about FDownloader is its comfort with which you can download Facebook videos with its simple and user-friendly interface. So you do not need any technical skills to use it.

This amazing tool never asks you to install any third-party apps or software. And also you do not have to give your personal information to sign up for it. You can download Facebook videos to your smartphone(Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad), computer(Windows, Mac, Linux), and tablet. It smoothly operates with any web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, UC, Dolphin, CM, Edge, etc.

So, download unlimited Facebook videos within a few seconds with this incredible FB link Downloader. It is free, simple, and makes your life much easier.

Why Use Our Facebook Video Downloader?

Facebook is bursting with videos: educational videos that teach you how to garden or code, 5-minute DIY videos that are addictive and pointless, easy cooking videos, and much more. If you require content, it can appear on Facebook as a video. Isn’t it amazing?

If you want to share this video, you can copy the link and send it to your friends or send them through the app. You can save the video, but it doesn’t save the video to your phone or computer’s hard drive. Instead, it adds the video to your saved video bookmarks so you can find it more easily and watch it later on Facebook.

However, sometimes a video is too vibrant or unhelpful to save to your phone. Maybe you want to show or access a loved one when you’re offline. Do you ever think about that kind of situation? If so, don’t worry anymore. We come with the perfect solutions to download FB videos from link with FDownloader. So don’t be late anymore to try it out.

Explore the Impressive Features of Facebook Link Downloader

Our online Facebook video Downloader comes with the most incredible features to make users’ life more comfortable. So what makes it the best out here?

  • Download Facebook photos, videos, and live videos simply and directly
  • One-click download tool for all the Facebook photos and videos
  • Get unlimited videos from Facebook with various sizes and various qualities
  • Comes as a completely free tool forever
  • It’s a 100% online tool. So no need to download any third-party app or software
  • It never asks you to signup or login information to use the tool
  • Comes with an easy to use user-friendly interface
  • Never require to use any technical knowledge to use it

How to Download Facebook videos with Facebook Downloader for Free

FDownloader is an easy tool to utilize and you can download Facebook videos smoothly and quickly. So how does it perform? Here we provide you with an easy-step guide to downloading Facebook photos and videos easily with a Facebook downloader with link.

  1. First, visit the Facebook App or Web page on your mobile or computer.
  2. Go to the search bar and search for the video you want to download.
  3. Pick your favorite video from the search result.
  4. Now copy the video link.
  5. Visit the FDownloader using your web browser.
  6. Paste the copied link to the text box at the top of the page.
  7. Hit the “Download” button.
  8. You can get a preview of the video you selected.
  9. Hit the “Download” button under the preview again.
  10. Now your favorite video starts to download within a few seconds.

If you want to download your videos with different qualities, you can proceed with the table that you see below the preview. Select the video format you want whether “Download HD Video” or “Other Formats”. And click the download button and the process will begin automatically.

How to Copy the Video Link with Facebook Link Downloader

Download video links from Facebook is an easy process. But it is a bit different from the device you are using. So let’s see how to copy the Facebook video link with your mobile and computer.

  1. Go to Facebook and pick the video you want to download.
  2. Now copy the video link.
  • On your computer, go to the “Share Icon” at the upper right corner of the video. Go through the options and find the “Copy Link” option. Or simply go to the address bar and copy the long video link directly to your device clipboard.
  • On your mobile, select the “Share Icon” at the top right corner of the video. Find and select the “Copy Link” option. Now you will get the “Link Copied to Clipboard” message.

3. Now paste the video link and enjoy the high-quality video download.

Where Can I Find the Downloaded Videos?

If you are using a mobile device, check the “Downloads” folder on your device. If you are using a computer, check the “download history” section of your web browser.

Final Words

Facebook started as an online platform to connect with your family and loved ones. Now it has become a giant in the content-sharing, business, and commercial industry. Of course, there are a variety of reasons why someone would like to download videos from Facebook. Our Facebook link Downloader comes in handy to do it a bit easier. It is simple and super fast. So download unlimited videos with a single tap using this smart FDownloader. What makes you wait for a long time?

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