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This Maine seafood delicacy is expensive, but delicious if you’re into fleshy gonads

Urchin uni is a delicacy from the sea that may possibly not be acquainted to all Western palates. Maine uni season is just acquiring started off, although, and area seafood connoisseurs will want to get gain of possessing this freshly harvested address.

However uni is frequently recognized as sea urchin roe or eggs, it actually refers to its fleshy gonads, which are the only edible part of the spiny critters. The uni is carefully hand-picked from the environmentally friendly urchins harvested off the coast of Maine, wherever they thrive in the chilly waters and rocky seafloor.

Maine’s urchin harvesting season starts off in September and runs via April, led primarily by divers who thoroughly choose mature urchins from the sea flooring. Many years back, the urchin fishery suffered from overfishing, but polices brought it back again from the brink.

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