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There Are Probably Two Reasons You Prefer Caramel Over Salt Water Taffy. Which Applies to You?

Whether you’re relaxing one evening on the couch while watching a movie or snacking in between the dull hours of your office job, eating candy is a real treat. Two of the best candies, caramels and salt water taffy, are popular both for their distinct tastes and textures, which stand out from other familiar candies. If you’re a candy lover who prefers caramels over salt water taffy and someone asks you why, then you need to know what to tell them. Here are two likely reasons.

1. You’re addicted to all things caramel

Caramel lovers favor the rich, buttery smooth taste of caramel. If you find you’re addicted to caramel popcorn, caramel coffee, caramel apples, or caramel-drenched cinnamon rolls, you’re likely fond of the treat which has a history that traces back to Arabs as early as 1000 AD. People who like caramel also enjoy the lingering aftertaste a while after eating the candy. Not to mention, overall, caramel has a more distinct taste than salt water taffy. A taste that is more favorable than the slightly dry, harder texture that you get when you choose salt water taffy.

If you enjoy caramel food products more aside from candy, then you probably have a taste for the candy and could easily keep a supply stocked full of it. One of the most notable caramel candies, Werther’s Candies, is a great option to choose if you like hard candy that lasts rather than the harder, but the chewier texture you get with salt water taffy. If anyone asks why you like caramel more than salt water taffy, you can tell them about one of your favorite caramel candies of all time. They’ll be sure to understand, just remind them.

2. You’re far from an area where salt water taffy is sold

Salt water taffy can be primarily found along the Eastern seaboard, in states like Maryland, New York, Florida, and, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Salt water taffy can also be found far west in states like Utah and California, or even Oregon.  If you don’t visit the beach or head to these states, you might be limited to finding these candies at a shop that sells them. Rarely will you find salt water taffy at your local 7-11.

With no other options, you may have to buy the taffy online. Then, you might be forced to pay extra for shipping and handling, then wait for the package to arrive. Not every seller will ship candy cheaply. So, the complications surrounding buying salt water taffy steer many towards purchasing caramels instead. If you’re far away from where salt water taffy is sold, take advantage of your sweet tooth. Consider trying caramel as an alternative.

Whether you prefer caramels over the best salt water taffy or you simply have a taste for both, knowing your preferences will help you save on candy in the future. Now that you’re thinking about it, why don’t you take this opportunity to stock up on some candy?

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