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Satisfy consumer demands with sustainable Alaska seafood

Meals suppliers can capitalize on shopper curiosity in sustainable Alaska seafood by showcasing the assortment of species readily available from the condition and highlighting its taste, quality and nutritional value.

Alaska’s 34,000 miles of shoreline offer obtain to many unique varieties of free of charge-swimming salmon, shellfish and whitefish, which give clients with the capability to shop for a wide range of wild-caught and sustainable seafood.

“There is a significant possibility with individuals correct now for grocery seafood departments in sustainability storytelling, dietary instruction and recipe inspiration,” said Monica George, head of Retail Promoting at the Alaska Seafood Advertising and marketing Institute (ASMI). “Not only are people deciding on seafood, but a lot of also have a choice for seafood caught in the Americas.”

According to ASMI study from Datassential, just one in 5 customers cite wild-caught seafood from Alaska as their specific desire. In addition, 19{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of seafood shoppers claimed they opt for to store at stores that supply sustainable seafood.

“Over and above sustainability, we imagine this change is having put simply because shoppers have an understanding of the amazing wellbeing benefits powering seafood and like the style of it, as properly,” said George.

Merchandising Alaska Seafood at Retail

Exhibiting the Alaska Seafood logo allows shops to capitalize on highly favorable customer perceptions of seafood from Alaska.

“First and foremost, 82{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of shoppers believe merchants that display screen the Alaska seafood symbol promote superior-high-quality seafood, and 77{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} are much more likely to purchase Alaska seafood if they see the emblem,” said George. “So, merely applying the Alaska seafood brand can enable land profits, and mentioning Alaska seafood will increase consumers’ willingness to include seafood to their baskets simply because they feel it is protected, purely natural, and wild.”

As a final result of these perceptions, just about 3 fourths of individuals (72{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f}) mentioned they had been prepared to pay much more for seafood that bears the Alaska Seafood symbol, such as 15{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} who stated they would fork out significantly a lot more. Presenting sustainable seafood from Alaska also produces a “halo” effect that boosts the over-all perception of the retail outlet in the minds of buyers.

“In accordance to FMI’s 2021 Electricity of Seafood Report, when seafood is in the basket, the regular total spent by a family is a few situations increased than the normal grocery basket size, certainly lifting all tides for other grocery groups,” said George.

Retailers that spouse with ASMI to endorse Alaska seafood achieve double-digit income lifts, she reported.

Leveraging Recipes and Staff Know-how

With customers cooking at home additional than ever, recipes can engage in an vital purpose in driving seafood profits.

“We know that store-supplied recipe strategies are the No. 1 resource for encouraging consumers to buy seafood and test it at residence,” said George. “Tying in healthier, effortless and spouse and children-pleasant recipe tips invitations buyers to add seafood to the cart at the inspiration stage of the cooking journey. It offers more prospects for seafood at the desk for any meal.”

Having knowledgeable, nicely-properly trained staff members is also essential to the achievement of the promotion of Alaska seafood. Sharing Alaska’s fishing heritage tale is an superb way for vendors to connect with their shoppers in retail store or on the internet.

“There is certainly so significantly to the tale of seafood from Alaska,” said George. “Wild-caught by generations of dedicated family members amid majestic snow-capped mountains, rugged coastal shores, and pristine icy waters.”

Suppliers can assistance travel revenue of Alaska seafood by delivering their seafood section personnel with the equipment to master extra about customer seafood choices and how to focus on the advantages of seafood from Alaska.

ASMI also delivers a wide variety of academic components, recipes, schooling resources, customizable visible belongings and more to enable merchants build profitable seafood promotions for all Alaska seafood solutions. In-keep issue of sale materials present alternatives for digital couponing, authentic-time product or service information and facts, sampling, and info for onsite dietitians, and online belongings contain schooling components, educational articles that encourages buys, and info about liable browsing.

Certification also can help validate the sustainability of Alaska seafood. It suggests efficiency from a typical of very best methods for how fisheries are sustainably managed, and delivers assurance that seafood was harvested responsibly and lawfully, and is traceable back to its resource.

Alaska seafood is certified by Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) program, which is benchmarked by the World-wide Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) and aligns with the United Nations Meals and Agriculture Group (FAO) Code of Conduct for Accountable Fisheries. It is a person of the few certification plans that attributes origin on their eco-label and is free of charge to use with Chain of Custody.


Stores have an unprecedented option to capitalize on consumers’ interests both in cooking seafood at property and in searching sustainably by showcasing the amazing selection of Alaska seafood. Merchandising seafood from Alaska and combining it with recipes and insights that showcase the retailer’s expertise can develop a location that elevates the total seafood department in the thoughts of the shopper, in change driving even bigger baskets and enhanced profitability.

Relevance of Wild Alaska

Wild-caught is one particular of the principal characteristics that push seafood buys at retail, according to investigation from Datassential and Alaska Seafood. Much more than 4 in five (82{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f}) buyers explained they decide on seafood more than other proteins for the reason that it is wild-caught.

Among the the seafood attributes buyers take into consideration most significant for at-household planning, getting normally caught or wild is No. 1 amid affluent buyers.  It is one particular of the prime 3 characteristics amid all consumers, alongside with figuring out the source or origin of the seafood and no matter whether or not it is sustainable.

In addition, people choose wild-caught seafood to farmed by a 5:1 ratio, the analysis identified. People prefer wild-caught for the flavor and simply because they understand it to be more healthy and to have much less hazardous additives.

Consumers affiliate wild-caught with seafood from Alaska. Between affluent customers, 68{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} agree that Alaska seafood is wild, whilst 64{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of shoppers overall concur. This is element of the cause why mentioning “Alaska seafood” increases consumers’ willingness to purchase.

Forms of Alaska Seafood

Alaska Salmon

Datassential investigate exhibits that shoppers overwhelmingly desire Alaska salmon, with 49{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of standard individuals citing it as their desire, in comparison with 28{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} who desire Atlantic salmon. Wild-caught Alaska salmon, in the meantime, is desired by 70{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of buyers, in contrast with 30{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} who like wild-caught salmon in normal.

Following are the versions of Alaska salmon offered:

  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Pink Salmon
  • King Salmon
  • Coho Salmon
  • Keta Salmon

Alaska Shellfish

When it comes to shellfish, Alaska King crab is in truth king, with 72{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of customers citing a preference for Alaska King crab, vs. 28{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} who say they prefer king crab in general, according to Datassential.

Subsequent are the varieties of Alaska shellfish available:

  • Weathervane Scallop
  • Snow Crab
  • King Crab
  • Dungeness Crab

Alaska Whitefish

Consumers also want various kinds of Alaska whitefish above other people, which includes Alaska pollock, which is most popular by 73{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of buyers in excess of pollock in typical. In addition, wild Alaska pollock is chosen by 69{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of customers around regular Alaska pollock. Other Alaska whitefish favored by individuals consist of sablefish and wild Alaska cod, most popular by 67{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of consumers in excess of Pacific Cod. Much more than fifty percent of affluent customers (58{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f})  prefer Alaska sole or flounder around other styles of sole or flounder, and 55{57f679433bdda16678ea619f315c9bc28ff40af1ef9e9f7b6fe14a3c8b72c25f} of individuals desire Alaska halibut about clean halibut.

Following are the versions of Alaska Whitefish offered:

  • Alaska Pollock
  • Rockfish
  • Sablefish
  • Halibut
  • Sole/Flounder
  • Surimi Seafood
  • Cod
  • Herring
  • Atka Mackerel

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