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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fujiyama sets up shop, perseveres in pandemic

At initial glance, the restaurant area at 3700 John F. Kennedy Blvd., at the crest of North Very little Rock’s Park Hill, would appear to be an ideal spot for the individuals who formerly operated a foodstuff truck (Fujiyama on the Wheels) to established up a everlasting establishment.

Location apart, Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi Express does have a handful of positives heading for it, including quite excellent hibachi dishes and fairly first rate sushi.

It is a pity, perhaps, that it has opened amid a pandemic that will make certain compromises needed, some of which confined our pleasure of the foods we experienced there and from there.

Most individuals will keep in mind this as the longtime household of Paul’s it has been any quantity of sites since, which includes a pair of Central American dining places (most recently the 2nd incarnation of La Casa True, and for awhile the first property of Rosalinda’s).

The inside decor has a significant target on crimson and white stripes, with polyurethane-coated tables and strong brown wooden chairs. Mount Fuji smiles down on diners from a massive poster on the again wall.

Gallery: Sampling — Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi Convey

The supposedly entire-services restaurant, nonetheless, offers minor actual provider. Every little thing comes in to-go containers no matter if you are eating in or getting out. Lots of areas have carried out that to preserve the additional expense and work of uber-sanitizing dishes, and so forth. It absolutely signifies a sizable quantity of squander in terms of disposing of foam clamshells and steel sushi trays.

Oh, and for the sake of transparency, this review spans a menu alter that has added some goods, dropped some some others, and added somewhere between $1 and $2 to price ranges we paid out. The price ranges shown listed here are off the new menu, the a single at this time on the net.

We scanned by means of the checklist of nearly a dozen appetizers ahead of settling on the gyoza (4 for $3.50), which made up an ample appetizer part for two (two per). It came with an unusual dipping sauce — not the standard soy-garlic, this experienced a lot more of a rice-wine vinegar vibe. Our two vegetable-crammed spring rolls ($2.95), portion of a takeout get, have been a very little oily but delicious.

The business, medium-dimensions, tail-on shrimp in our just take-home Hibachi Shrimp entree ($11.95) came a a little tarter, a lot more vibrant sauce than most locations — pretty much all regional — of our working experience. We obtained reasonably flavorful fried rice and a veggie medley (broccoli, carrots, onions, zucchini) on the “side.”

We expanded on the shrimp with the Marina Particular ($21.95), shrimp, scallops and teriyaki salmon with fried rice and that veggie medley. The seafood was delicious — the salmon was the highlight, as it ought to have been — but not plentiful. Sure, clean seafood, and we’re assuming it is new, is high-priced, but we felt we did not actually get enough for the rate. The veggie medley over-concentrated on zucchini.

Mount Fuji smiles down on diners from the back wall of Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi Express. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Eric E. Harrison)

Mount Fuji smiles down on diners from the back again wall of Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi Convey. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Eric E. Harrison)

The steak in our Hibachi Steak & Hen combo ($14.95) was requested medium scarce. It came out considerably rarer than that some items may perhaps in reality have been undercooked. It was tricky to lower, for illustration, and the part Intrepid Companion took household also involved what she states was a questionable piece of rooster.

Intrepid Companion, who has sampled spicy tuna rolls in just about each and every sushi joint in the place, suggests the consistency in Fujiyama’s roll (tuna, avocado, “spicy sauce,” $6.95) was a very little as well mushy. Our “special” JFK Roll ($12.95), consisting of shrimp tempura, product cheese, avocado, spicy “crab” (basically surimi, a fish-centered quasi-crab) and if not undefined “Fujiyama sauce,” scored higher.

We also can endorse the “special” Snow Beauty Roll ($12.95), rice ringing “crab,” product cheese and avocado, with “white tuna” on prime. “White tuna” is typically escolar, not tuna, but in this scenario, it seems to be true seared and lightly spiced albacore, with a slight contact of tobiko, that orange sushi roe.

Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi Express

Handle: 3700 John F. Kennedy Blvd., at the crest of North Minimal Rock’s Park Hill

Several hours: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 4-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Delicacies: Japanese (sushi, hibachi)

Wheelchair access: Of course

Alcoholic drinks: No

Reservations: Not that we observed

Info: (501) 297-0458 |

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