Pleasure Bauer’s Barbecue Salmon Bowl Recipe

Chef notes

Who runs the bowls? Ladies! In honor of Ladies’s Heritage Month, I am serving up a dish in form for a queen — a yummy feast designed to strengthen well being and health from the within of out. It is the ultimate manager-lady bowl, incorporating 5 foodstuff you have to be taking in:

1. Spinach, nature’s multivitamin (I signify, it truly is obtained something)

2. Salmon for higher-high high quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids and immune-supporting vitamin D

3. Beans for plant-primarily primarily based protein, a whole bunch of fiber and magnesium

4. Tomatoes for glowing pores and pores and skin — they provide lycopene and vitamin C

5. Almonds for heart-nutritious fat, vitamin E, magnesium and a few bone-and-enamel strengthening calcium

Merely click on proper right here to seek out out way more about some great benefits of ingesting these meals objects.

Swap various: I take advantage of skinless salmon for this recipe. You may probably use leftover cooked salmon or promptly pan-fry a fillet with this easy strategy: Embody 1 tablespoon olive oil to skillet (or liberally mist skillet with olive oil spray) and warmth in extra of medium-superior warmth. Time every sides of salmon filet with salt and pepper, and cook dinner dinner for about 4 minutes for each side, counting on desired doneness.

Getting ready


Incorporate chopped spinach to the underside of bowl.


Put cooked salmon fillet on prime rated of spinach, and making use of a fork, press down and mash the flesh.


Enhance very piles of beans, corn, tomatoes and pink onion on greatest.


Drizzle on barbecue sauce and blend every part collectively. Incorporate 1 to 2 teaspoons of latest lime juice, if wanted, and salt and pepper, to type. Sprinkle on chopped almonds and up to date herbs, if making use of.

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