Naraka: Bladepoint – Every Focus Type

Some of the game’s features can be confusing for Naraka: Bladepoint players, but this guide explains each Focus Type to help turn the tide of war.

Naraka: Bladepoint has brought thousands of players its thrilling action and beautifully made Battle Royal-style games. Naraka: Bladepoint is a standout Battle Royal game that mixes fast-paced melee action, eastern mythology, and both PVE and PVP gameplay. Players can choose from a large number of different types of characters and then drop into an open-world map to fight until the last player is standing for fame and bragging rights.

The focus system is one of the parts of Naraka: Bladepoint that players will need to learn well if they want to do well. Focus is a system that gives players different effects based on the colors of their offensive and defensive skills. This system is made up of several different types. Here are the different types of Focus in Naraka: Bladepoint and what they do. Players will need to learn how to handle a very complicated combat system with many different layers. Whether they are fighting one-on-one or in a group.

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