How to Draw Ruffles Easily

How to Draw Ruffles. Drawing utensils of any kind can be a real challenge when drawing. This is because it is made of many different materials and can move and flow in unpredictable ways when moving.

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The waves can be particularly tricky as they consist of many complex layers in addition to these obstacles. This can make learning how to draw ruffles a bit frustrating.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that difficult once you know what to do!

Our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw ruffles in just 7 steps will let you unleash the stylist in you!

How to Draw Ruffles

Step 1

In this ruffle drawing tutorial, we will draw a dress with lots of ruffles on the bottom half. In this first step we will start with the left side of the dress outline.

To do this, you use some curved lines that connect together, creating the layers of the dress.

We’ll expand on these sections later in the guide so you can get started now!

Step 2

For this part of your ruffle design, mirror what you did in Step 1. This should make things easier for you since you’ve technically already done what you’re about to do in this step!

Once you have drawn both outlines of the dress, you can connect them with some details in the next few steps.

Step 3

Now that you’ve drawn the outlines, you can start on the interior details for your picture in this third step of our how to draw ruffles guide.

We said that this dress will be made up of many different layers, and now we’re going to create the first of those layers.

For the top of the dress, use several curved lines that join together on this first layer to form the material that bunches up at the join.

If this seems confusing at all, it should become clear if you look at the reference image for guidance.

Step 4

In this part we will continue to add some layers to your ruffle design. In fact, in this step you will draw the first ruffles yourself!

To do this, use a squiggly line to create the fringe of these ruffles as shown in the reference image.

The wavier you can make these lines, the better! Once this layer is in place, you can see how we continue to build up the ruffle layers for the rest of the dress.

Step 5

In this step of our tutorial on how to draw ruffles, you will repeat the previous step. To do this, add another wavy line to form the next layers of ruffles.

You won’t exactly mimic the steps, but the idea will be the same. The wavy lines you draw give the impression of a flowing ruffled fabric.

Now that you’ve reached the next level, the next step is for us to finalize the final details, so let’s move on!

Step 6

In step 6 of your ruffle design you’ll add the final details and elements before starting to add some eye-catching colors in the next step.

First, do what you did in the previous step and add another squiggle line for the ruffles at the bottom of the dress.

As with the previous ones, you can tweak it a bit to suit your preferences. Once those wavy lines are drawn, all you have to do is add a few slightly curved lines that run across each layer of the dress. These lines add some texture detail to the fabric.

Once you’ve drawn those details, you’re technically ready for the final step! But before proceeding, you can add as much of your data as you like.

You could change some minor details of your design or maybe even make a bigger addition, e.g. B. draw a background or draw someone wearing the dress.

Step 7

The drawing is done, so now you can add some awesome colors in the final step of our how to draw ruffles tutorial!

In our reference image, we used various shades of purple and pink to color the image, but this is just a suggestion for you to follow.

You can use as many colors as you want, because here you can let your creativity run wild!

Once you know what color scheme you want to use, you can also have fun choosing the artistic mediums and tools you want to use to bring them to life.

You could even use some fun crafts and incorporate things like stickers, sequins, or glitter to make this ruffle design really pop!

Your Ruffles Drawing is Finished!

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