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Funding windfall for startup’s shellfish traceability tool

Utilizing the current BlueTrace program, shellfish producers and dealers track key info things for oysters, mussels, clams, geoducks and other shellfish from harvest by a sophisticated chain of custody that frequently will involve in excess of 5 methods. Working with the mobile BlueTrace process, consumers track food stuff basic safety problems, and create mandated shellfish logs and tags.

As a single of the SBIR grant reviewers famous: “The proposed work has powerful business viability and has the probable to crank out substantial charge-personal savings for shellfish producers and wholesalers.”

According to the startup, which was previously identified as Oyster Tracker, the common client will save about 30 p.c on their compliance fees when improving upon precision and keeping their product safer.

With about 120 shoppers in 12 states and three nations, BlueTrace claims that it has tested the industry require and viability of a option that allows shellfish harvesters, farmers, dealers, and distributors keep track of their item seamlessly from harvest to consumption.

An uncomplicated-to-use traceability method built for the mobile, moist, quickly-paced surroundings of shellfish companies will make individuals safer and corporations additional productive and resilient. By monitoring the time and temperature of seafood from harvest to table, the possibility of diseases like Vibrio and other food-borne illnesses decreases radically, it provides.

“A safer foods chain is superior for shoppers and organizations. BlueTrace has the workforce, technologies and knowhow to revolutionize monitoring–from tide to desk. Many thanks to the SBIR plan, we can build a program exclusively for the complexities of the seafood marketplace,” says CEO, Dr Wyllys Chip Terry.

BlueTrace strategies to use the funding to add proficient builders and seafood gurus to their crew to handle soaring client anticipations for seafood provenance and evolving rules. New federal principles these kinds of as area 204 of the FDA’s Meals Basic safety Modernization Act are currently being finalized for almost all seafood. New restrictions are raising compliance expenses at the similar time several in the shellfish industry are dealing with significant labour shortages.

The Section 2 SBIR grant for the Maine-based startup follows on from the Phase 1 grant NOAA allocated in 2020. Together with other undertaking investments and grants, BlueTrace has now lifted more than $1.8 million.

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