Every Season 1 Legendary Aspect In Diablo 4

The first season of Diablo 4 has started. Here is how Season of the Malignant’s Legendary Aspects compare to each other.

The Season of the Malignant is the first in-game season for Diablo 4, and players have until October to join in. Players will also be able to get their hands on seven new Legendary Aspects. This is in addition to the recent patch update, which gave many characters buffs, nerfs, and an interesting new quest line.

Some of these Legendary Aspects can only be used by certain classes, while others can be used by both. Players can only use these Aspects until the end of the season, so they have time to try different things with them. Some Aspects are better than others, so these are all of Season of the Malignant’s Legendary Aspects in order of how good they are.

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