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Colchester’s Louie’s Seafood Market hand-picks fish from Boston market

This week’s version of The Community Flavor functions Arnold Pappas of Louie’s Seafood Sector in Colchester.

Raised in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Pappas was born into the seafood industry. His uncle, George Pappas, opened the Ipswich Shellfish Firm all the way again in 1935, and his  complete relatives assisted with fishing, distribution, business management, and all issues in in between. Pappas worked weekends and summers, filling roles as essential and slipping in really like with the field.

It was right after significant university that Arnold moved to Southeastern Connecticut to assistance with a new department of the corporation. His time used there, together with a pair of other employment back in Massachusetts, gave him the information and experience he needed to enterprise out on his possess. He shortly discovered a cozy site in the coronary heart of Colchester and, with the aid of his loving wife, opened Louie’s Seafood Market in November of 2015.

Customers will often find Arnold behind the counter, happy to help out however he can.

Blaine: Can you inform me more about the organization your family started out?

Arnold: It was a huge household. A pair of brothers would go out, harvest clams, and bring them again to their sisters to shuck. My uncle would then go and promote them to eating places. That is how the Ipswich Shellfish Company was born. The company’s grown into a company with five distinct destinations throughout the jap seaboard.

Blaine: Did you do the job with them as you grew up?

Arnold: Oh yeah. I started from the floor up, sweeping flooring to shucking clams, then managing the shucking home. I did that on my weekends and through my summers. I invested a whole lot of summers digging for clams as nicely. Manufactured some dollars on the facet. I graduated substantial faculty in 1982. My enterprise career was generally produced out for me, with the family members company.

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