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Chesapeake Bay Bistro is serving Maryland blue crabs in south Phoenix

Down at a crab shack in Ahwatukee Foothills, I was told the hold out for Chesapeake Bay blue crabs would be about 25 minutes. The shellfish had literally just arrived from the airport.

Owner James Brown picks up a weekly shipment of the Maryland blue crabs at Sky Harbor, explained his wife Yolanda, who stood driving a counter decorated with rubber flip flops. She extra that 25 minutes is about how prolonged it usually takes to dress and steam them with beer, apple cider vinegar and Outdated Bay seasoning.

James emerged from the kitchen and proudly established a clean one particular on the counter. The entire body was a muddled orange with streaks of baby blue on the legs and recommendations of the claws. A few minutes later, he returned with a significant pot filled with dozens of crabs caked with a vivid purple Baltimore seasoning that features a healthful dose of paprika, crushed red pepper and celery salt.

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