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Best restaurants for seafood, Florida stone crab in Sarasota-Bradenton

It feels like an accomplishment reaching October when you live in Florida. The brutal summer behind us, we now have months of mild and sunny weather ahead along with a calendar full of exciting events including the start of Florida stone crab season, which runs Friday through May 1. Yes, it just so happens that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission makes sure stone crab can be served during the months when the most people tend to visit. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sunshine State’s most famous shellfish, the crabs are harvested for their claws, which then, like magic, grow back. The claws are typically boiled, cooled, cracked and then you eat ’em with your fingers, perhaps after dipping in melted butter, mustard sauce or both. Now, some places do offer stone crab served warm, and I’ve heard of people even eating stone crab with utensils, but don’t recall ever witnessing such a thing. What does stone crab taste like? Imagine a Maine lobster vacationing in the Gulf of Mexico, meeting a shapely shrimp and the unlikely pair producing a sweet love child. 

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