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Ingesting meat has never ever been significantly less common in the British isles. A review released in the journal The Lancet Planetary Wellbeing discovered that the UK’s everyday meat use has fallen by 17% in the last decade. But although the general public are shying absent from taking in meat, we’re not yet a country of plant-primarily based eaters, with just 2% of the British isles populace describing on their own as vegan.

So if we’re feeding on significantly less meat, but we are not willing to go entirely plant based mostly, just how are we consuming? Effectively, 13% of the United kingdom community now describe them selves as flexitarians or ‘casual vegetarians’. On that food plan, plant-based mostly ingesting is encouraged, but meat having isn’t really outlawed. It’s also a diet program that its devotees use to cut down their carbon footprint and strengthen their wellbeing, when some use it as a stepping stone to a full vegan food plan.

To find out additional about the flexitarian food plan, we spoke with a few foremost dieticians, and this is what they advised us.

What Is the Flexitarian Diet plan?

The flexitarian diet program can be described in distinctive means. Some say that any individual who isn’t really on both the carnivore or the vegan diet plan is a flexitarian. And while they are not incorrect, the genuine diet regime is a minor extra nuanced than that.

“A flexitarian diet regime is a semi-vegetarian type of taking in the place consuming much more plant-based mostly food items and considerably less meat is inspired,” says Sasha Watkins, registered dietitian and co-founder of Subject Physician. “The diet plan has been impressed by the evidence that plant-primarily based diet plans are not only better for our overall health but also for the earth. The term flexitarian was produced from a combination of the terms ‘flexible’ and ‘vegetarian’, and as the expression ‘flexi’ denotes, there are no rigid policies or absolutes to this eating plan, generating it accessible for these who are searching to bit by bit modify to a more plant-based mostly way of ingesting.”

What Are the Advantages of Following a Flexitarian Food plan?

Farming animals is liable for 14.5% of worldwide greenhouse gasoline emissions, when, according to the United Nations Meals and Agricultural Corporation, the generation of crimson meat accounts for 41% of those emissions. Decide on to go flexitarian – or further – is just not just a good alternative for you, it’s a great option for the setting as well. Having said that, there are still a lot of individual well being gains to be experienced.

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“Analysis suggests that there are several health and fitness rewards that can be derived from next a semi-vegetarian diet regime, these types of as a decreased threat of finding most cancers or coronary heart disease, a much healthier entire body pounds, enhanced markers of metabolic overall health, lowered blood tension and lessened threat of kind 2 diabetic issues,” states Watkins. “This is due to both of those an enhanced intake of foodstuff that are lower calorie but abundant in antioxidant, fibre and balanced fats from plant meals.” You’re also consuming a lot less processed meals that are higher in harmful fats, these kinds of as saturated fats.

What Foodstuff Ought to I Avoid on a Flexitarian Food plan?

While no food items are banned on the flexitarian diet program, there are some foods that are ideal prevented. “As normally, any great dietary tactic can be undone by eating processed and ultra-processed food on a normal basis,” suggests dietician and founder of City Dieticians, Sophie Medlin. “I see a lot of clients who shift to vegan diets for perceived wellbeing advantages but swap meat with extremely-processed vegan food items and get unwell as a final result. If you’re heading to get started incorporating vegan or vegetarian food items into your eating plan, be certain to decide on un-processed protein choices this kind of as pulses, tofu and soya.”

What Foodstuff Ought to I Eat on a Flexitarian Diet program?

Although processed meats really should be off the menu, some meat is required on the flexitarian diet program, and in accordance to Watkins you must often go for excellent not quantity.

“The Earth Most cancers Investigation Fund encouraged that you stay clear of processed meat absolutely,” says Watkins. “We do, nevertheless, need to have protein in our diet for maintaining and repairing our muscular tissues, but we currently consume a lot more of it than we need to have to in the United kingdom. We don’t need to have to eat meat each working day and when we do, I suggest eating less but superior high-quality.

“Scientific studies show that there are some dissimilarities in the dietary composition of organic and natural grass-fed vs grain fed beef. Natural and organic grass-fed beef generally contains less saturated fat, much more omega-3 fatty acids and is made up of extra vitamin A, E and other vitamins and minerals like anti-oxidants. Being aware of exactly where your meat comes from is also essential for ethical and environmental reasons.”

In addition to grass-fed beef, oily fish is also an essential element of the flexitarian food plan. “I would not slice our lean sources of purple meat due to the fact it has loads of iron – flexitarian diet programs are reduced in iron,” claims Dr Mayur Ranchordas, sporting activities nutritionist at Sheffield Hallam College. “Also, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines to get Omega-3. It would make sense to try to eat servings of these each week.”

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How Can You Assure You’re Having All the Nutrients You Need on a Flexitarian Diet regime?

You should really be capable to get most of your nourishment from food stuff on a effectively-prepared flexitarian diet regime. Even so, in standard, there are some nutrient deficiencies to be aware of when you lower down on animal items. This involves the subsequent:

Vitamin B12

“This is a vitamin that is vital for usual operate of the anxious procedure, blood mobile formation, energy and mood,” suggests Watkins. “It is only located in animal products, so based on how stringent you are when excluding animal goods, you might will need to choose a health supplement for this. Good meals resources are fortified nutritional yeast, yeast extract, fortified cereals, these types of as bran flakes, or plant milks, this kind of as soya milk. The Uk Reference Intake advises that men and women should be having 1.5mcg per day.”


“Zinc is wanted for a number of processes in the physique, for instance in DNA synthesis and for brain perform, and we will need a daily offer of it as it is not stored in our body,” claims Watkins. “Very good meals sources are fortified dietary yeast flakes, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, tempeh, quinoa and brown rice. Adult males are recommended to get 9.5mg/day and ladies 7.5mg.”


“Grownups will need 700mg of calcium a working day for balanced bones, tooth and to reduce blood clotting,” suggests Watkins. “Dairy solutions are a abundant supply, so opt for fortified plant milks, tofu, kale, sesames seeds or even tempeh for a plant enhance of calcium.”


“Iron is needed to make haemoglobin located in your crimson blood cells. Iron is located in plant meals but is more quickly absorbed from animal solutions,” says Watkins. “Substances named phytates, identified in some plant foods, minimize the amount of iron that is accessible to your system. When ingesting a rich resource of iron, such as spinach, kale or legumes, incorporate the meals with a foods significant in vitamin C to support absorption, these kinds of as oranges, peppers or a kiwi. Aim for 8.7mg for men and 14.8mg for girls a working day.”


“Milk and dairy are a crucial source for iodine in our meal plans,” states Watkins. “Iodine is a very important component of a thyroid hormone known as thyroxine necessary for a vary of bodily processes and a healthier rate of metabolism. If cutting down on milk foods, decide on fortified dairy options. The British isles Reference Intake is 140mcg per day.”

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

“Flexitarians should be wary of getting more than enough omega-3 fatty acids in their food plan if they are cutting down on fatty fish,” suggests Watkins. “Plant-based sources of omega-3 include alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) from walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds and flaxseeds.”

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Ought to You Be Using Nutritional supplements on the Flexitarian Eating plan?

As we stated beforehand, your diet regime really should be in a position to fulfill all your nutritional wants, but, we all dwell chaotic life and it may perhaps not constantly be attainable to get enough of critical vitamins or minerals from your food (this sort of as B12 and omega-3). In that case you might have to have to opt for a fortified foods item or dietary supplement to fill the gap. As Watkins states, however, “be cautious not to overdose on mega energy supplements or feel all the promises, as these can also be damaging, and the vitamin marketplace is not controlled. If you believe you have to have some help with your diet program, make sure you go see your GP or a registered dietitian.”

Equally Watkins and Ranchordas agree that one particular vitamin we should really all be supplementing, specially in wintertime is vitamin D. “Just one vitamin we cannot get from our diet program is vitamin D [it is produced in our skin when we are in the sun], so it is recommended absolutely everyone will take a vitamin D supplement of 10mcg. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the physique, which is required to hold bones, teeth and muscle mass healthy,” suggests Watkins.

Is the Flexitarian Food plan Fairly Much the Great Food plan?

Folks have various needs so you can find no 1 perfect eating plan, but carried out properly, the flexitarian diet plan is definitely a quite healthy way of feeding on and has the extra benefit of becoming eco-helpful way too.

“I consider that a flexitarian eating plan, if it is rich in fruits, greens, legumes, complete grains, nuts and seeds, oily fish with average meat and dairy and minimal in processed, sugary and fatty foods, mirrors the Mediterranean Eating plan,” suggests Watkins. “This dietary sample is the most investigated diet regime in the entire world and there is considerable, excellent evidence to demonstrate that it can decrease the threat of acquiring a coronary heart assault or a stroke, is linked with significantly less excess weight obtain, a reduce threat of sort 2 diabetes, better intestine health, enhanced psychological well being and healthier ageing.”

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