6 Ways To Make Money In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life?, it’s hard to run an inn and hard to grow. Why not both?

The main goal of A Story of Seasons is to run a farm, which takes a lot of money and time. Without the second one, the place will fail. The players have to use the tools they have to keep the place going. It’s typical for a game about running a business, but the way it’s done here might not be what they expect.

In A Story of Seasons, making money is mostly about spending it. Farmers and business owners-to-be use their money to make improvements to their land. Then, they hope that with the right amount of care, these risks will pay off. It helps to know which ones are likely to bring in the most money. Players make sure they get a fair return by spending wisely. No matter how hard they work on their farm, the crops will pay them back and more.

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