10 Best Hero Cards In Disney Villainous

In the Disney-themed board game Villainous, heroes are used to stop the bad guys, and these Hero cards are the best at doing just that.

With the addition of Hero Cards, the famous board game Disney Villainous, which plays on darker desires, gets an exciting new feature. These powerful cards, which are part of the Fate Deck, give players who want to win by being bad a lot of strategic depth. A player’s Fate Deck, which is a set of 15 cards that are unique to their evil alter ego, turns into a battleground of wits and tricks.

These Heroes, which were carefully made and cleverly placed by rival players during Fate actions, stand as lights in the darkness. From well-known characters like Mufasa and Tinker Bell to less well-known ones like Gurgi, these cards have their own strengths, powers, and ways of changing the game that can mess up even the best-laid plans in Villainous.

Mickey Mouse

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As a Hero Card in Pete’s Fate deck, Mickey Mouse is a powerful force against Pete’s bad plans. With a strength of 5, Mickey Mouse gets in the way of Pete’s goals and slows him down. Mickey Mouse is the most strong card in Pete’s Fate deck from a strategic point of view. Players should be careful, though. Mickey can only stall Pete’s plans for a short time, especially if there are cards like “Air Strike!” or a lot of “Bandits” in play.

Mickey Mouse is a very powerful barrier because he can stop Pete from reaching his goals. He makes things hard for the bad guy and slows things down until he is dealt with. As Mickey Mouse takes the lead in the fight against Pete’s evil, his help becomes more and more important for the good guys.


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Ariel, who is a Hero Card in Ursula’s Fate deck, has a lot of power that can mess up Ursula’s plans. She is the most powerful card in the deck from a strategic point of view. Moving the Crown or Trident from Ursula’s Lair to The Shore will make it take Ursula a lot longer to win, especially if she can’t stop Ariel from getting in the way. Ursula can’t ignore her if she plays Ariel when the Crown or Trident is on her side.

With a strength of 4, Ariel’s effect changes the way the game is played. Ursula has to deal with Ariel when she moves something before she can move it to her lair and get the win she needs. Ursula needs Ariel because she can use things against her and control them. To stop Ursula from winning, she needs to know when to use her skills.


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Scar’s Fate deck has a Hero Card called Rafiki. He is a powerful strategist who can turn the tables on Scar. At first glance, Rafiki’s strength of 3 might make him seem like a modest threat. But after Mufasa is defeated, when he reaches his full potential, he becomes the most dangerous card in the Fate deck.

When the Succession pile is started, Heroes who have been beaten must be put on it. When the Hakuna Matata card is added to Rafiki, Scar has a hard time getting past him. Scar has to focus on beating Rafiki before going after other Heroes, which makes things harder for him. Holding Rafiki’s Stick becomes an important choice that shows the right balance of power.

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Dodo, a Hero Card in the Queen of Hearts’ Fate deck, turns out to be a key part of the plan to stop the Queen. Dodo’s unique ability, which has a strength of 3, messes up the Queen’s Card Guards at his spot by stopping them from becoming Wickets. This makes a big problem for the Queen, slowing her down and making it harder for her to get wins in every spot.

It is strongly recommended that Dodo and Alice work well together. This makes it impossible for the Queen to move Wickets to where Dodo is. When played by a skilled player, Dodo becomes a very useful hero who actively disrupts the Queen’s forces and helps bring back balance.


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The Hero Card Aladdin in Jafar’s Fate deck turns the odds against him. With a strength of 4, Aladdin can take something from Jafar and make it useless. You should know that Aladdin can’t use the stolen things himself.

Jafar can’t use an Item while Aladdin has it, so its affects or winning conditions don’t happen. If Aladdin loses, all of the items except the scimitar go back to Jafar. If Jafar tries to get the Magic Lamp, he can’t win. But the Scarab Pendant or Snake Staff can be used instead.


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Pacha is a Hero Card in Yzma’s Fate deck. His unique ability gives him a strategic edge. When Pacha is played, it lets players mix two of Yzma’s Fate decks together and reshuffle the cards. So that the new Fate decks are as even as possible. It’s important to remember that Pacha’s power can be used or not. If players decide not to use his ability, they do not have to shuffle the deck.

Pacha shines when it’s likely that Yzma has figured out where Kuzco is. By using Pacha’s power, players can bring confusion back into Breakout Game. This move can throw off Yzma’s calculations and give the good guys much-needed time to stop her plans. With a strength of 4, Pacha is a key part of Kuzco and his friends’ plan to mess up Yzma’s Fate decks and turn the tide in their favor.


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The Hero Card Zeus from Hades’ Fate deck is a strong choice. With a strength of 5, Zeus is a very powerful person. Playing him all the way to Mount Olympus gets the most out of him.

Zeus has the power to trap Titans who are trying to get to him right away. His presence on Mount Olympus is a strong defense against Titans and hurts Hades’ edge. It slows down Hades’ win because every time his titans move there. He has to figure out how to free them.

The Mouse Queen

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The Mouse Queen, which is a Hero Card in Ratigan’s Fate deck, stops the villain’s first way to win. Assuming The Robot Queen is either on the board or on her way, The Mouse Queen becomes a valuable tool for the opponent.

The most important card in Ratigan’s Fate deck is the Mouse Queen. She has to be dealt with before Ratigan can move on. The Makeshift Balloon can also be used with other things to save or improve her. And if she loses, it will help Basil.With a strength of 5, The Mouse Queen’s effect makes it hard for Ratigan to win at Buckingham Palace with The Robot Queen. This sets the clever criminal back a lot.

King Stefan

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King Stefan is a Hero Card in Maleficent’s Fate. He can throw away two Curses, which can get rid of problems like the Forest of Thorns and move Maleficent into a Green Fire. King Stefan can control Maleficent’s next move even if he doesn’t have a Green Fire.

This throws Maleficent’s plans off, limits what she can do, and gives the heroes an edge. By moving Maleficent and possibly stopping her spells, King Stefan becomes an important hero in the fight against her evil.

Fairy Godmother

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As a Hero Card in Lady Tremaine’s Fate deck, Fairy Godmother has amazing powers that can change the course of the game. When Fairy Godmother is played, a hero with a strength of 4 named Ball Gown Cinderella is found and played. So, she makes sure that there are two strong hero cards.

So long as Fairy Godmother is in play, only Fate cards can move Allies. This makes it much harder for Lady Tremaine to get the sisters into the ballroom, which was her plan. Allies can’t get into The Ballroom because of how strong Ball Gown Cinderella is. This makes it even harder to get rid of this effect. If Ball Gown Cinderella loses, both Glass Slippers are played, making it impossible for Lady Tremaine to win as long as they are in her realm. Fairy Godmother is very important because she can send out two Heroes at once and slow down Lady Tremaine.

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